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Trying to go for a quick ride? Short on budget? Wish to explore the scenic locations at your own convenience? Our car and bike rentals are the answer to all your questions. Avail our affordable and top-notch vehicles for rent and enjoy your trips as per your expediency.

What Our Bike Rental Services Have?

Ray Cars India is one of the best bike rental companies in Chandigarh. We work for the satisfaction and happiness of clients. If anyone is looking for rental bikes, then we have a huge variety of options. Our services will help them in getting any bike such as – standard or luxury.

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For the better experience of clients, we are providing some specific offers. Mainly these offers are available in the form of discounts such as –

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Love sitting under the luxury of a four-wheeled ride? Our cars will delight you surely. These are well-maintained and you might simply love the comfort they offer while you take them for a long or a short drive.

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Starting Price ₹399/DayOnwards

If you love enjoying the air while riding, then our bikes are the ideal fit. These are safe, sound and services bikes that suit every personality. You might choose your preference from our list of options.

Ray Cars India is here with valuable and luxurious bike renting services. By accessing our sources, you are capable of getting a bike on rent in Chandigarh and nearby areas like – Zirakpur, Panchkula, and Mohali. Let’s explore more…

What about rental bikes?

Everyone does not have bikes or 2 wheelers. Sometimes, it is good to explore own city or world on a bike. In these conditions, no one needs to buy a new bike to fulfill their desires. The interested ones can simply call Ray Cars India and book the desired bike today. Here, you need to pay a reasonable amount of money as rent and get a bike immediately.

How are rental bike services beneficial?

Bike rental services are useful and beneficial in several ways. If you do not understand how it becomes useful, then here you can get some explanation.

Explore the world on 2 wheels

Riding a bike provides a completely different kind of experience. It will help you in exploring the world in a different manner. By using bikes, you are able to visit narrow passage places with ease. With the help of cars, it cannot be possible.

See everything

When you travel via car or other four-wheelers, then you miss lots of things. Due to it, you are not capable of getting each and everything. With the assistance of bike hire in Chandigarh services, you can explore and see all the places easily. It provides a great feel by which you can make lots of things better.

Enjoy vacations

Going for a long bike trip on vacation can help you in creating numerous unforgettable memories. For these types of activities, you should have some specific bikes. By choosing the rental bike services of Ray Cars India, you are capable of owning it by paying a little amount of money.

Ride on luxury bikes

Everyone wants to experience a great journey on luxury bikes. Owning a luxury bike is not easy for all. It needs a big investment. Our rental bike services can help you in fulfilling such a dream with ease. When you search for luxury 2 wheeler rental near me, then you can see our services with all types of bikes such as – KTM Duke, Bullet, Harley Street, and many others.

Money-saving option

Some people are thinking of buying a new bike when it comes to go on a bike trip. It is a useless and money wasting option. For buying a bike, you need to spend thousands or lakhs INR. With our services, you need to pay a small amount only and you will get a bike for the desired time period.
These are some major benefits of availing of the nearest bike rental services. For more details, you can contact us.

What about rental bikes?

Lowest rates

If you are going to avail of our rental services, then you are liable for paying rent at lower rates. You can find out our services much affordable as compared to other options.

Access anytime

We are always available to clients and help them. The interested ones can call us when they want. We are serviceable 24/7. It does not matter what the condition and time are. Our team of professionals will deliver your bike when you want. All these things are available at bike rental prices.

Access anywhere

In case you are stuck in an unfavorable condition and do not find any way to come back home, then we can help you out. You can book a bike from Ray Cars India and we will deliver it at your current location. We provide services at remote locations also. No one needs to worry about these things.
All these things will make our services superior as compared to some other services. In case anyone is interested in getting bike rent for a month, then we are available here.

Get Into Gear

Unlike any other mass transit, our cars or bikes give you the liberty of stopping at your desired destination for as much long as you want. With this no strings attached approach, you may enjoy the place in a better way while moving at your will and speeding up or down conveniently.

Lowest rates

Yes, our rates are some of the most competitive ones you will find. And since our service comes with quality, you will get every worth of your penny.

Unlimited gas and miles

When you ride our rentals, you need not worry about miles and gas as these are covered for an unlimited amount in the rental. You can enjoy as a free bird, as much as you want.

24/7 Pickup and return access

Stranded on a remote location? Worry not! Help is just a phone call away. We can provide you the car or bike at your precise location and can even pick up from wherever you want.

Multiple drop-off locations

We also provide multiple drop-off locations services in the area. This way, you need not fret about visiting only one destination as you can explore as many as you want.


10% Off

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10% Off


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